If you are a facilities manager or buidling manager with bronze on your building, then the best way to keep the condition of your facade high all year round, is to have a bronze maintenance routine.

Bronze maintenance involves bronze cleaning and bronze restoration within one works package. Bronze cleaning involves the removal of dirt, grime and urine residues and the protection of the bronze with a protective coating. Bronze restoration is necessary when the bronze has begun to corrode due to contaminants being in contact with the metal for a duration. Bronze restoration involves removing the surface disfiguration and repatinating the bronze to match the original finish.

With bronze maintenance regimes, we target the most highly damaged areas of the facade and restore them so that the condition of the whole doesn’t slide too far in the wrong direction. Bronze cleaning is essential, but it is not truely effective in maintaining a good standard unless a portion of bronze restoration is included too.

Our bronze maintenance teams work reactively with your building to prevent the need for more costly restoration bills and each program is bespoke designed for your precise building.

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A bronze panel that is looking poor and requires bronze maintenance.

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