Once the legibility of a bronze plaque becomes compromised, bronze restoration is necessary so that these features can fulfil their purpose to inform and commemorate important historic events. 

Damage to the bronze can arise as a result of various reasons such as a lack of maintenance, the environment, vandalism or accident. 

We can carry out the restoration of your bronze memorial plaques in situ so that the public can continue to visit while works are carried out and don’t arrive only to be disappointed by their absence. Our long history of working alongside the public means that we understand how important these features are to people. 

Although we specialize in bronze, we work on many materials and can also clean any surrounding materials, such as stone, with the added guarantee that we will not damage your bronze. 

Our team also have the skills to carry out infilling and gold leaf work on plaques. 

Bronze plaque restoration

Restoration of bronze plaques often involves infilling with gold leaf or enamel to improve legibility. Contact us if we can help you with this . 

Bronze plaque restoration Hampton Court

Corrosion disfiguring the surface of this plaque at Hampton Court Palace

Bronze memorial plaque after restoration

Bronze memorial plaque after restoration  

Bronze plaques need careful cleaning and ongoing care. Without this, they can corrode and these corrosion products can migrate into the surrounding materials, particularly stone. Once this staining occurs, it is hard to remove and can even be permanent. 

Even with the best of intentions, it is easy to damage their patina and this is why you need expert care. 

Madingley parish church bronze plaque

Bronze War Memorial Plaque, Madingley Parish Church, Cambridge. Before Plaque Restoration 

Madingley parish church bronze plaque restoration

Bronze War Memorial Plaque After Restoration 

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