Bronze restoration on buildings often becomes necessary when disfiguring corrosion has formed across a surface. The urban environment alone is enough to initiate corrosion, if a protective maintenance regime is not in place. Add in other catalysts like handling of the bronze, anti-social acts such as urination, graffiti, vandalism, and the damage will mount up.

Even when there is no little interface with the public, bronze restoration can also be needed. Those unaware of how easily damaged bronze can be or untrained in looking after it,  may use commercial cleaning products in an attempt to improve the bronze’s condition. This can be a big mistake. Overzealous and well-intentioned cleaners can also strip the bronze finish very easily. In these circumstances, bronze restoration is the only viable solution.

Our staff work on site and can keep all your bronze in optimum condition. We can clean and restore on a regular basis enabling the building to look good throughout the year.

Even better, when small amounts of bronze restoration is combined with bronze cleaning, the cost to look after bronze drops considerably. This type of combined treatment is what we refer to as bronze maintenance and is a more cost effective option than randomly carrying out a full bronze restoration every now and then.

If you’d like to find out how regular bronze cleaning and maintenance prevents historic shop fronts, facades, bronze features and fittings from becoming dirty and disfigured, then take a look at our bronze maintenance page.

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