We have different bronze restoration divisions within the company.

Each specialises in a different area and not all our divisions will be relevant to you.

Either, stay on this page and read an overview of the different areas of bronze restoration that we cover, or choose your particular area of interest from our four divisions below. You can click through to find out about the kinds of problems we’ve solved on specific projects.

Facades & Architectural Features
Monuments and Public Sculpture
War Memorials 
Small Bronzes

Bronze Restoration of Facades and Architectural Features

Bronze Restoration on buildings often becomes necessary when a maintenance program is not in place.

When bronze becomes disfigured on a building or feature, restoration is the only option. There are many things that will damage bronze, apart from the environment.

These include

  • people touching the bronze
    anti-social acts such as
  • urination
  • cleaning fluids
  • graffiti
  • vandalism

Even when there is a minimal interface with the public, bronze restoration can become necessary. Most people don’t realise how vulnerable bronze is. It is a reactive metal  – that’s why it can develop such a beautiful patina, but also why it corrodes.

Those who are unknowledgeable about it can do a great deal of damage unintentionally. Commercial cleaning products used with good intentions have the potential to etch and speckle the original patina which will remain a permanent disfiguration unless bronze restoration is undertaken. Those working alongside bronze, such as window cleaners and building contractors, can unwittingly allow their work to impact on the bronze.

Bronze restoration_Service
Working on Site

Our staff work in teams on site and can help you keep your bronze in optimum condition. We can clean and restore on a regular basis enabling the building to look good throughout the year.

Even better, when bronze restoration is combined with ongoing bronze cleaning, the condition of your bronze will rise while the price tag goes down. This type of combined treatment is what we refer to as bronze maintenance and is a more cost-effective option than randomly carrying out extensive bronze restoration every now and then.

If you’d like to find out more about Bronze Restoration of Facades & Architectural Features – click through to facades,

If you’d like to know more about how bronze cleaning and maintenance prevents historic shop fronts, bronze features and fittings from becoming dirty and disfigured, then take a look at our bronze maintenance page.

Also, you might like to read our great article on why building managers should prioritise bronze cleaning to avoid bronze restoration.

Bronze restoration of Public Sculpture & Monuments

Whether its traditional or contemporary sculpture, bronze requires ongoing maintenance otherwise it quickly begins to change.

Restoring a contemporary bronze sculpture may be very different to more traditional sculpture 0r bronze monument depending on how the object was made. Contemporary sculptures may have been fabricated with architectural elements, rather than traditionally  cast or they may have unusual patinas. We excel in the conservation of both historic and contemporary bronzes and the unique challenges both these types of objects present.

If a particular element is degrading rapidly, we will investigate the root cause and consider how best to stabilise it. This may require analysis in some cases before we decide on  physical or surface intervention, but we have all the diverse skills we need within the team.

In some instances, we may have products tailor-made to suit the object’s precise needs and whenever possible, we involve the artist in the conservation solutions always aiming to respect their vision of the object.

Bronze restoration of Althea Wynne's Sculpture
Involving Our Clients

We try to educate our clients if they have little knowledge of bronze restoration providing as much advice as possible to empower them. We help to draw up a preventive conservation plan after any restoration works have been undertaken in order to prevent the condition of the bronze sliding down hill again.

We specialise in working in situ because usually, this makes the cost lower for the client. However, there are times when a treatment might not be possible in a public space or the site is being remodelled, then we can have the sculpture stored safely for however long is needed and we can organise large sculptures to be taken away for their bronze restoration in a bespoke space in North London.

You may be interested to know a little about the bronze restoration of a contemporary sculpture by Althea Wynne that we undertook in the City of London. It involved the treatment of a trio of magnificent horses. Well worth a visit if you are an art enthusiast.

This project was perfect for us as we have a great deal of knowledge and expertise in restoring contemporary patination. These bronzes had suffered from the harsh urban environment and the treatment involved the harmonisation of corrosion and some repatination work to reinstate the vision that the artist once had. Read more about Althea Wynne’s Trio  on our post about this project

If you’d like to see more of the projects we’ve undertaken, click through to our sculpture restoration page

Bronze restoration of War Memorials

War Memorials and public monuments are close to everyone’s heart. Nestled in the centre of communities, their significance to people cannot be over-emphasized.

One of the reasons we like being involved in this type of project is that the bronze restoration work that we do is really valued, and there is often great enthusiasm to maintain the objects going forward. This is good for the community and the bronze over the long term.

Keeping War Memorials and monuments in good condition is a way of showing respect for those commemorated. If these types of objects begin to disfigure and become hard to read or interpret, they lose relevance to society.

We regularly undertake maintenance and War Memorial cleaning for annual events such as Remembrance Sunday. Bronze restoration projects involving war memorials can be quite complex if a monument has fallen into significant disrepair. We can provide our clients with guidance and the technical advice they need to ensure these objects are able to be viewed in all their original glory for years to come.

War Memorials, in common with public art, are often sited in locations where large numbers of the public gather. This means damage is more likely. During a War Memorial restoration, we can remove graffiti, re-infill engraved lettering or inscriptions if plaques have become difficult to read, and deal with disfiguring surface corrosion. We can clean stonework and restore damaged bronze elements helping to return the memorials to their intended condition.

We are very conscious of the cultural and historic importance of these objects, both in our working methods and our approach to their preservation.

If you would like any advice on the restoration of War Memorials, or monuments,  we would be happy to discuss them with you.

We work in London and regions around it.

Bronze Restoration

Small Bronze Restoration

Indoor bronzes may seem to have an easier life compared to their cousins that live outdoors, but homes are not galleries where environments are monitored and protected. Many homes have a treasured small bronze sculpture. Often these little artworks are in the throng of everyday life  – touched by admirers,  dropped accidentally, splashed with celebratory champagne or scraped frequently when wet umbrellas are leaned against them!

Damage happens and if it does, we hope to be able to help with all your bronze restoration needs. We have the capacity to undertake cleaning, conservation and bronze restoration of small sculptures in our studio. It may be that only one particular area of a bronze patina has become warn, but this flaw is unbalancing the legibility of the sculpture. Or, a component has been broken and needs to be replaced. We can help with these kinds of complex problems and not interfere with those parts of the original structure or finish which are mature and stable.

We can also advise you on how to care for your treasured bronzes in the future, helping to ensure they never need another visit to us.

We do advise that owners make an appointment and bring their bronzes to us themselves, but if that’s impossible – we can advise on others who specialise in art transport.

If you’d like to see some examples of the repairs we have undertaken, take a look at our page dedicated to small bronze restoration.

If you are interested in how to look after your small bronzes, do take a look at this article on our website about some advice we gave to Pembroke College, Oxford on how to clean a bronze sculpture  or, our super-useful post about Caring for Indoor Bronzes.

Bronze Restoration of Peacock


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