Monuments are important parts of our cultural heritage. These statues represent the people whose achievements have contributed to making our nation great. We want to see these monuments remain in the best possible condition long into the future and our team have all the skills to help you do that. We can carry out all aspects of monument restoration including repairs, analysis and surface restoration in situ.

As we work in public spaces day in and day out, we know how to work safely alongside the public. When the public ask us questions, we are always polite and forthcoming explaining what we are doing and why. 

Our services include carrying out assessments, analysis of corrosion products, surface restoration and structural repairs. We are often called out to attend to graffiti and fix damage caused by vandalism. Adoration can also cause problems for monuments particularly climbing and constant touching.

You can always contact us to chat about how to deal with these kinds of problems, we love talking about bronze.

We can also carry out works to a monument’s associated features such as plinth cleaning, infilling and gold leaf work.  

Aldersgate Flame Disfigured by Corrosion

The Aldersgate Flame, Before Restoration

Aldersgate Flame after repatination
The Aldersgate Flame, After Restoration

We recently carried out the surface restoration of The Aldersgate Flame adjacent to The Museum of London. This important monument had lost all its legibility and visitors were confused about what it was trying to convey. Read more about the restoration of this monument in our blogpost.

Sculpture Restoration

A hole inside the Landseer’s Lion’s mouth in Trafalgar Square needed expert repair in situ

cleaning bronze statues

The monument to Bobby Moore by Philip Jackson outside Wembley Stadium needed surface restoration work when the patinated finish had broken down in localised areas. 



red rum statue restoration


Bronze restoration of Royal Tank Regiment


Maintenance of bronze and stone Animals in War Park Lane


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