Bronze should be cleaned and protected as often as possible. Usually, frequency is decided upon based on how likely it is that the protective coating will be removed in its day to day life, whether it is oudoors or indoors and what vision the custodian has for that object.

With buildings and shopfronts, the frequency is often higher than with sculpture. This is because architectural features such as doors tend to have a higher likelihood of contact with the public and can begin to look poor very quickly. If the requirement is that the bronze should look as good as possible most days of the week then visits may be very regular, often weekly. If there is less interaction, then often monthly visits are enough.

With sculpture, a six monthly or annual visit is more common. Many sculptural items are on plinths meaning that the public does may not be able to touch them. This reduces damage significantly. Studies show that wax does begin to breakdown and stop being useful within a year and so an annual visit is absolutely minimum. If the sculpture is particularly visited by pigeons or overhung by trees then six monthly visits may be necessary as the degredation caused by leaves and guano will be much more significant and rapid.

In the case of The Young Dancer in Covent Garden, the sculpture is outdoors and is often touched by its fans. It is maintained more frequently than statues located on a high plinth.

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