Public art can have too much love. Sometimes its devoted public can affect its condition with constant touching and contact. It can be used as a platform to celebrate publicly, or a vessel to vent frustration.

Either way, when the public interact with their art, it can often result in damage such as scratching, denting, graffiti and physical breakages. We can respond rapidly to such situations and are used to carrying out emergency works discretely while interacting with the public and working safely alongside them.

Many of the treatments used on public art intersect with those chosen for traditional sculpture such as bronze monuments or contemporary sculptures. However, working on much loved public art is not all about techniques, our teams understand that people are interested in what we are doing. They are happy to answer questions and explain the importance of conserving public art. Councils and Custodians can rely on us to engage with the public and encourage them to watch over their public art in the future. 

We are experienced in dealing with the press when public art hits the news through a public interest story or antisocial behaviour. 

Check out an article by one of our Directors about conservation issues on public art works.

Kindertransport Memorial

Kindertransport Memorial, Liverpool Street Station. 


If you love public art, do listen in to our Podcast where we interview the most significant sculptors of our era whose work can be found in the public realm.

We LOVE Sculpture and want you to be inspired by it too. 


Sculpture Vulture Podcast

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