We can restore any features providing that they are made from copper alloy.

Bronze features might include

  • handles and handrails
  • lamps
  • kick plates and push-plates
  • decorative castings like shields, friezes or plaques
  • small bronze artworks

Often these types of bronze features can become damaged because they are touched by the public.

Sweat from hands, scratching and damage from cleaning can cause disfiguration which requires bronze restoration.

The most common finish that we restore is a BMA finish and we offer this either as standard or dark. However, occasionally internal features are un-patinated. In this scenario, the features will tarnish again unless they are treated with a robust protective coating such as lacquer.

The majority of older bronze features, such as historic castings, are clear wax sealed. Although how best to protect a bronze feature is always decided on a project by project basis.

There are pros and cons of both coating. We have a good article on this topic, if you’d like to read more about protective coatings. 

The restoration of bronze features can often take place in situ. This is convenient for client’s as bronze features are often functional.

However, we do have workshop space, if removing the features for a duration is necessary.

Rugby Tuning Coil Plinth Restored

The Rugby Tuning Coil in London’s Science Museum had a copper plinth which required restoration. See the photos below to see how this bronze feature was restored.


Located at London’s Science Museum, the Rugby Tuning Coil’s plinth was being touched daily by the public. This caused it’s copper plinth to tarnish and disfigure. Unpatinated copper will tarnish naturally in air anyway, even if it isn’t touched, and so to maintain this bright finish, it was necessary to lacquer the plaque. Even lacquer still requires maintenance, but this protective coating was much more suitable for this bronze feature in this particular environment.


restoration of bronze plinth


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