A sculpture conservator should be part of your professional team. Caring about sculpture is our big focus at, Antique Bronze, which makes us the perfect people to ensure that you, and your clients, have no headaches after one of your works are sold and installed. 

It is the nature of bronze to change. The chemistry that enables a foundry to patinate a sculpture so beautifully also means that it is inherently unstable.  

Our aim is maintain your artistic intent, but not to keep your statue in stasis

We couldn’t even if we wished to! In an ideal world, there is an evolution of the statue’s patina and formation of a naturally occurring patina which is a thing of wonder and beauty. The reality can be somewhat different: the way the patina evolves can be unpredictable and, there is just as much chance of it becoming ugly and disfigured as beautiful.  It’s a conservator’s role to intervene before that point and make that a balance is upheld.  

When clients have spent a good deal of money on a sculpture, they are often much less sanguine about it changing than you may be. Our qualifications and experience are specifically in conservation so we are able to reassure and discuss all aspects of a sculpture’s long-term care with them and then execute the plan for them. This is immensely valuable to owners and sculptors alike: owners get the reassurance they need and your precious time can be spent creating the next sculpture rather than worrying over the last one. 

Our focus is on achieving long-term stability of your sculpture and all our treatments are carried out in situ. We become your sculpture’s guardian helping to protect it from many of the things which we know can damage its delicate patinated surface. 

Planning and executing the sculpture’s maintenance and ensuring that the routine and treatment is exactly right for its bespoke environment, is what we do best. 

We discuss the value a sculpture conservator can add to your team in one of our podcast episodes, WHAT IS SCULPTURE CONSERVATION? if you’d like to find out more. Just listen along! 

Hugh Chapman sculpture

Growth Form by Hugh Chapman, Canary Wharf


Before moving into conservation, many of our team trained in fine art, sculpture or craft trades such as gilding. This means that we can undertake a wide variety of work of an artistic nature.

If a sculpture or features has been stolen or mislaid, we can provide hand drawings from photographs, or recreate sculptures starting with a small maquette.

We can take the project to fruition by casting or carving the lost item and hand-finishing. If replication of a special object is required, we can take moulds in-situ so that the original never has to be disturbed.

If you have BIG artistic ideas, we can help you manifest them with our skills and knowledge of how materials change and age. 

Our sculpture services include infilling and lettering, gilding, faux-finishing, marbling, drawing, sculpting, photography, carving and casting.


Housiary Christmas Tree sculpture services

Sculptor Shirazeh Houshiary was invited to create the 1993 Tate Gallery Christmas Tree.

Houshiary was inspired by the natural qualities of the tree itself such as texture, colour, smell and shape.

In 2016, the tree was recreated with the help of Antique Bronze sculpture services team who gilded the roots for this highly popular exhibit. 



Our Podcast is a place for sculptors and all those that love sculpture. We talk to the creators of public sculpture whose work can be found in public spaces about the road to becoming a professional, what struggles they have, their daily routines, and what brings them joy in their work. 

The Sculpture Vulture Podcast gives you the chance to hear the personality behind the art and is being downloaded all over the world. 

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Sculpture Vulture Podcast

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