Often small bronze restoration is required if a sculpture has been dropped or banged and a component has been broken off. We can consolidate and repair breakages often making it hard to see where the treatment was undertaken.

Small bronze restoration can be necessary when one particular area of a bronze patina has become warn. If this is unbalancing the legibility of the sculpture, we can restore just a small area and not interfere with those parts of the original finish which are stable.

Care By A Specialist

If you have a small bronze which needs some special care, we can help you deal with any treatment issues that the bronze has and advise you on how to care for your treasured objects afterwards.

For small statues in and around London, we can collect and return your artworks ensuring they are transported safely.

If you’d like some idea of how to clean a small bronze safely then take a look at this article on our website about some advice we gave on how to bronze clean a bust owned by Pembroke College, Oxford.

We also have a great article on How To LooK After Your Small Bronzes


Dali Sculpture Cleaning

These two small Dali sculptures were lightly cleaned and rewaxed. Their brass bases had tarnished over many years and were hand polished and lacquered.

Sculpture cleaning

Restoration of Regency Bronze Greyhound

One of a pair of Regency bronze greyhounds. The sculpture was cleaned gently cleaned to remove an old paint layer and then repatinated to a traditional finish. The bronze base had been gilded in the past and was regilded with 23ct gold leaf.

Greyhound bronze restoration

Restoration of Mercury

A bronze statue of Mercury after Giambologna.  This sculpture was suffering from some surface corrosion but also had a core with rusting ironwork. We were able to dry the core out, remove the internal rust and then patinate and wax.

Small bronze restoration

Cleaning of Japanese Tiger

This Japanese Bronze Tiger sculpture was gently cleaned and rewaxed to reveal his full glory. Finished with a slight regilding of the eyes and fangs.

Small bronze restoration

Restoration of “La Vague” by R Guerbe

This small spelter statue had previously been repaired but over time the repair had failed. We were able to make a stronger repair by pinning the two sections togther using a 2 part epoxy resin and then colour matching the area.

Small Bronze Restoration

Repair to Girl on a Swing

The bronze rope casting of the swing had snapped – a fairly simple job to braze the sections together and blend the area.

Small bronze restoration

Classical Statue Restoration

This detailed classical figure had a very worn patina with some surface corrosion. The front foot had detached. We cleaned the surface, repatinated some areas and were able to revive the existing patina in other areas. The front foot was reattached.

Small bronze restoration

Restoration of Fortuna

A bronze statue of Fortuna after Giambologna. This sculpture was suffering from some surface corrosion but no structural issues. We cleaned the surface and then patinated and waxed.

Small bronze restoration

Resin Sculpture Repair

This resin sculpture was quite badly damaged. We drilled and pinned the sections togther and secured with resin.

Small bronze restoration

Bronze Restoration of A Peacock’s Leg

The bronze peacock was brought to our studio for restoration in London. We were able to pin the limb in two places and make the leg strong again. The repair points almost indistinguishable. A small amount of patination was necessary where the joins were formed. The bronze was cleaned by hand and a wax-based protective coating was applied.

Small Bronze Restoration

Bronze Restoration of Diana The Huntress’ Bow

This lovely bronze was brought to us with its bow string detached and its arrow loose. We secured the arrow and restrung the bow so that it could continue to be enjoyed as the artist intended. The surface was hand cleaned, bronze corrosion was removed from the base and the original bronze patina which was intact was brought to life.

Small Bronze Restoration

Restoration of Gilt Candlesticks with Bronze Putti

This grand candlestick was part of a set alongside a truly magnificent clock. It’s gilt surface was in a very poor condition and the gold had degraded widely. The bronze surface was speckled with corrosion and close-up was very unsightly. The gilt was cleaned and retreated. The bronze corrosion was removed carefully and the surface harmonised before a protective coating was put in place.

Small Bronze Restoration

Restoration of Gilt Candlesticks with Bronze Putti

This beautiful bronze bust of Liberty had suffered a terrible injury to her spikes. We managed to straighten some and also made and replaced those that were missing or too badly damaged.

Small Bronze Restoration

Bronze Cleaning of Deerhound Sculpture

This bronze deerhound was cleaned and waxed, bringing the original patina back to life.

Bronze sculpture cleaning

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