Assessing Stability in Bronze

“There is Nothing So Stable As Change,” said Bob Dylan


It’s as if Dylan was talking about bronze 

Understanding how to identify whether a bronze is stable is of prime importance to those responsible for bronze. It dictates treatment priority and routine care decisions. Whether you are carrying out a condition assessment or in charge of a collection, this tutorial will take you through the different aspects which will help you make that decision.

In this tutorial, we cover

  • Structural stability
  • Why stability is complex with bronze
  • Ways of Assessing Stability
  • Corrosion Types and Profiles
  • Analysis
  • Stability and Transport

This can be a confusing topic and with so little written up in published literature, it is daunting to make treatment decisions if you aren’t quite sure what you are looking at. You need plenty of images for comparison and this tutorial has plenty to help you become familiar and confident with the finer points. 

Just to ensure you aren’t all theory and no practise, there is a guided quiz at the end to consolidate your learning. This will leave you feeling confident that you can identify stable or active bronzes when you are out there on on your own. 

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This tutorial is NOT foundation level. You will gain the most value from it if you have some prior knowledge about bronze.

Our tutorial,  I Wish I’d Known That About Bronze!, is an introductory tutorial.

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