We undertake a wide variety of war memorial restoration and maintenance works in and around London.

If you watch, or participate in,  Armistice Day in Central London, televised by The BBC then you are likely to have seen the war memorials and  monuments that we look after including Women of World War II and The Battle of Britain.

Caring for these objects is a great honour and we want these monuments to stay in the best condition for as long as possible.

This monument to Joseph Fry, famous chocolate maker, and war memorial in memory of 136 factory workers that gave their lives during the First World War, had been overlooked for a number of years causing the surface to become corroded.

Bronze maintenance of Women of World War II Whitehall

Case Study: War Memorial Restoration of The Somerdale Memorial

Its poor condition meant that the beautiful frieze had lost depth and the outline was hard to make out. The names of the dead had also become hard to read.
Restoration of the War Memorial was part of a wider project in the area and was championed by one of the factory’s former employees, Mr Hugh Evans.
Very often when we start a war memorial restoration, the first stage is to steam clean the bronze to remove all dirt and grime residues and remove any failed wax layers that might be in place.

Animals in War

War Memorial Restoration isn’t necessary if you can prevent damage occurring through a regular routine maintenance program.

We are able to take care of stone cleaning and bronze maintenance to ensure that your memorial is well cared for throughout the year.

Bronze can be easily damaged by contractors working in the vicinity of bronze. This is not wilful damage, but due to a lack of knowledge about the character of bronze and how to protect it.

We can undertake all aspects of a war memorial’s care, and you can rest easy that no damage will occur to the associated elements, like the bronze, from our work practices.

  • Maintenance of bronze and stone Animals in War Park Lane

  • Harpenden War Memorial Before War Memorial Cleaning and bronze resroation Harpenden War Memorial Before Cleaning

  • Harpenden War Memorial after stone cleaning and bronze restoration Harpenden War Memorial after cleaning and bronze restoration


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