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War Memorial restoration and War Memorial cleaning is an important part of showing respect for those commemorated. Often war memorials have similar conservation issues to bronze monuments. We can help you with your war memorial restoration if you are in London or close to London.

We regularly undertake maintenance and War Memorial cleaning for annual events such as Remembrance Sunday. War Memorial restoration projects are more involved and are necessary when a monument has fallen into significant disrepair. We can provide our clients with the help they need to ensure these objects are able to be viewed in all their original glory.

War Memorials, in common with public art, are often sited in locations where large numbers of the public gather. This means damage is more likely. During a War Memorial restoration, we can remove graffiti, re-infill engraved lettering or inscriptions if plaques have become difficult to read, and deal with disfiguring surface corrosion. We can clean stonework and restore disfigured bronze elements helping to return the memorials to their intended condition.

We are very conscious of the cultural and historic importance of these objects, both in our working methods and our approach to their preservation.

If you would like any advice on War Memorial restoration, we would be happy to chat to you.

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