Will Bronze Corrode and Other Essential Questions Answered …

This tutorial is a summary of essential advice any owner or custodian of bronze should know about this wonderful, yet complex, material. This segment of 40 minutes should save you hours of trouble and frustration and prevent you ever having to say,

“I Wish I’d Known That About Bronze!”

Most damage to bronze comes about because of misconceptions around the material, myths and good intentions. Tackling each one of these areas will give you a better understanding of what bronze needs and what it doesn’t.

The content covers

  • Key Things to Understand About Bronze
  • What Can Happen To Outdoor Sculpture
  • Mitigating Damage
The Young Dancer Covent Garden

Little Dancer, Covent Garden

Bronze Can Be Troublesome …

Bronze conservation is a niche area and if you are a custodian, not something that you will necessarily have been given training for. If you are an owner, you may have fallen in love with the sculpture before you ever thought about what care it might need.  

This tutorial will give you some peace of mind. The material is based on the conversations we regularly have with clients about bronze care and bronze corrosion. 

I want you to use our experience to feel confident about the unique character of bronze and how best to protect it. 

This tutorial won’t overwhelm you with too much technical detail – it’s long enough to inform but short enough not to bore you rigid. 

It’s the essence of the subject from all our years of experience and answers questions such as:

Questions like

Will bronze corrode? 

Is corrosion protective? 

How often should bronzes be maintained? 

What can I use to clean bronze? 

…along with many other questions

This course is for you if:

  • You want to gain some essential knowledge about bronze conservation 
  • You’d like to ensure your team doesn’t accidentally damage the bronzes in their care
  • You’d like to ensure you don’t get saddled with large restoration bills
  • You want to build your professional development
  • You want to ensure you are doing the best for the bronzes you own

Who is this course is for?

  • Owners
  • Managers
  • Custodians bronze
  • Associated contractors working alongside bronze such as street cleaners and gardeners
  • Galleries 
  • Those responsible for collection care


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