We offer additional art services which relate to many of the areas of work that we undertake.

Many of our staff initially trained in fine art, sculpture or craft trades such as gilding before moving to conservation. This means that our staff can undertake a wide variety of work of an artistic nature.

If art objects or features have been stolen or mislaid, we can provide hand drawings from photographs, or recreate sculptures starting with a small maquette. We can take the project to fruition by casting or carving the lost item and hand-finishing. If replication of a special object is required, we can take moulds in-situ so that the original never has to be disturbed.

We aim to be able to provide historic and contemporary buildings with a service that enables them to manifest artistic ideas through our skilled staff.

Take a look at our news page and read about The Wilkinson Friezes at County Hall, London which were recently recreated from photographs.

Patination using hot application of liver of sulphur