If you are requiring sculpture restoration, you may be responsible for a monument, war memorial, contemporary sculpture or public art work. We offer a wide range of services from basic sculpture cleaning to full sculpture restoration services including structural repairs.

The first stage of sculpture restoration involves research. We need to establish the sculpture’s original finish so that we can compare it with its current condition. Understanding the statue’s context helps us decide what weight to give to the changes that have taken place. This stage of sculpture restoration often involves looking at unpublished documents, meeting with artists, if possible, and coming up with as accurate picture of the sculpture and its history as possible.

The next stage of sculpture restoration can involve the analysis of corrosion products. This is not always necessary, but it can enable us to pinpoint a source of contamination if the degredation pattern is unusual.

Once on site, sculpture cleaning is invaluable. This part of the work ensures that we can examine the sculpture accurately and draw up a precise methodology going forward. The details of the practical work to follow will be particular to the issues the sculpture might have, but we involve the client as much as possible so that they are clear on the steps being carried out, and why they are necessary.

We can undertake sculpture restoration on traditional materials such as bronze, lead and Iron or more contemporary materials such as fibreglass, painted surfaces and plastics.

We specialise in carrying out even the most difficult repairs and treatments in situ. This benefits the client by minimising costs and risks incurred in lifting, transporting, handling and storing large objects of high-value.

We are always happy to give advice on sculpture restoration and you can contact us to discuss concerns or to help with decision making.

If you would like to see one of our recent sculpture restoration projects, take a look at our article on Field Marshall Smuts in Parliament Square.

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