Bronze monument cleaning and conservation should be undertaken regularly and be part of a maintenance program. In common with other types of outdoor sculpture, such as War Memorials, bronze monument cleaning and the application of new wax protective coating layers helps to slow down degradation and if undertaken regularly, can prevent other costly treatments becoming necessary. This is not only relevant to historic bronze statues but contemporary bronzes too.

It may be necessary to do more than bronze monument cleaning if the monument is in poor condition. Conservation treatments can stabilise an object and reduce disfiguration without the need to restore. Bronze restoration may be necessary when the original patina has become seriously disfigured usually by corrosion.

In such cases it may be necessary to use techniques such as TORC (a wet/air abrasion system), followed by some repatination before a protective coating is applied. In the case of bronze monuments, we make bespoke patination formulas to try to match to the surviving patina as closely as possible.

If you would like to see some of the bronze monument cleaning we have undertaken or sculptures that we have conserved – check out our Gallery page.

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