Sculpture can be made of traditional or contemporary materials. Contemporary materials have very different conservation problems than those of traditional sculpture and bronze monuments. Often artists and those that fabricate their art, while expert at their execution, are less familiar with how the materials will age. Whereas, this is where we excel.

If a particular material is degrading rapidly, we will investigate the root cause and consider whether the original material used has been a suitable choice or whether external factors have unduly affected its stability. In some instances, we may have products tailor-made to suit the object’s precise needs. Whenever possible, we involve the artist in conservation solutions aiming to respect their vision of the object.

We can survey, analyse, report and advise on the condition of contemporary sculpture. We encourage clients to draw up a preventive conservation plan with us in order to minimising the impact of the public, the environment and the setting on the object.

If you’d like to take a look at a case study of a statue repair, you should read about the statue repair we undertook on the Tomas Bata monument or take a look at our news page and see our work on Althea Wynne’s magnificent trio of horses in the City of London.

Sculpture conservation

Sculpture Conservation: The Conqueror by Wendy Taylor CBE conservation of original patina and ongoing maintenance

Here are Just Some on The Hundreds of Sculpture Conservation Projects That We Have Worked On 

• Althea Wynne, Trio of Horses
• Philip Jackson, Bowls
• Bruce McLean, Sculptural Railings
• Jon Buck, Returning to Embrace
• Jeff Bell, Cast Lead Crystal
• Giuseppe Lund, Gates
• Hazel Reeves, Emmeline Pankhurst
.• Henry Moore, Locking Piece
.• Henry Moore, Drape Seated Woman
.• Henry Moore, Two Piece Reclining Figure No 3
• Igor Mitoraj, Centuro
• Ron Arad, Big Blue
• Ron Arad, Windwand
• Do Vassalakis Konig, Sasso Cosmico
• Howard Ben Tre, The Guardians
• Philip King, Angle Poise

• Lynn Chadwick, Couple on a Seat
• Giles Penny, Man with Arms Open
• Giles Penny, Two Men on A Bench
• Keith Rand, Original Form
• Kate Hackney, Willoughby Passage Gate
• Wendy Ramshaw, Columbus Screen
• Igor Mitoraj, Centurione I
• Tatiana Orloff, Planters
• Charles Hadcock, Torsion II
• Charles Hadcock, Helisphere
• Eilis O’Connell, Sacraficial Anode
• Michael Lyons, Unity of Opposites: Vortex
• Igor Mitoraj, Testa Addormentata
• Helaine Blumenfeld, Fortuna
• Helaine Blumenfeld, Metamorphosis

• Bob Allan, It Takes Two
• Barbara Hepworth, River Form
• Nigel Ross, Cross Way & Arbor
• Suresh Dutt, Drawing Cube
• Hugh Chapman, Growth Form
• Marta Pan, Fragments of a Landscape
• Lynn Chadwick, Couple On A Seat
• Allen Jones, Gymnast
• Allen Jones, Backbend
• Wallenberg Memorial, Philip Jackson
• Wendy Taylor, Conquerer
• Wendy Taylor, Opus
• Wendy Taylor, Rope Pieces
• Wendy Taylor, Voyage
• Mike Speller, Momentum III


Contemporary sculpture can often be difficult to conserve in outdoor locations especially those with delicate patinated finishes or bright surfaces. 

We have a lot of experience in this field and enjoy helping artists, owners and custodians to find the best treatments and routines to preserve their objects.

Methods that suit one sculpture and location may not suit another so we take the trouble to observe, research and studio test methods to be able to keep these treasured objects in the best condition possible. 

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