Bronze cleaning is much less expensive if carried out frequently.  Regular visits mean less work is needed per visit and this means costs are kept to a minimum.

Bronze corrodes. It is very sensitive and reacts to pollutants in the air, liquids spilled upon it, guano and urine. When it does corrode, it usually looks unsightly. Bronze cleaning should prevent the need for costly restoration projects. Removing these sorts of contaminants often prevents the degradation of the protective coating and prevents the bronze from becoming etched and discoloured. Once the bronze has changed then only restoration can return it to what it should look like.

Regular cleaning is a protective process. It includes the reapplication of further layers of a protective coating such as wax. This barrier layer is the only protection the bronze has and so reinstating it regularly lowers the chance of the bronze becoming damaged.


bronze cleaning
Bronze cleaning
Bronze cleaning makes a building look splendid!

Over time bronze can become dull and lifeless. Bronze cleaning also involves a burnishing stage and this returns the life and lustre to the surface of the facade or bronze feature.

Ensuring a bronze surface is clean prevents those dips in condition that occurs when work is done sporadically. This means the bronze facade or feature can look good all year round

Bronze says something about a building. Historically, bronze was a status symbol: its expense and beauty were admired. This is why it was selected for features on buildings of substance such as the Bank of England and London’s County Hall. Keeping bronze clean and protected is recognition of what significance the building has.

Bronze sells

This is why retailers like it so much and Regent Street and Oxford Street are awash with it. They are tapping into the recognition that bronze represent the high-end of the market and so do the products inside. Bronze cleaning couldn’t be more important for showing off the shop to its highest standard and enticing customers inside.

Bronze suggests a cultured side. Bronze has been the material of choice for artists for centuries and is still loved by contemporary sculptors. Choosing bronze features taps into this artistic mind-set. Bronze cleaning couldn’t be more important to show off the very best of bronze by maintaining the highlights and lowlights, the varying hues, the delicacy of the patina.

Bronze cleaning can prevent antisocial behaviour. Where bronze looks uncared for, people consider features as a low priority and feel that adding graffiti, or using the area as a public toilet is befitting its condition.


Bronze is fabulous!

Building managers shouldn’t consider it a burden to have it to look after. It is beautiful and special and bronze cleaning can keep it that way.

If you have any further questions or would like any advice, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will do our best to help you.


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