Restoration projects often come up which need some specialist input. When bronze is involved, knowing the best way to treat a historic object isn’t necessarily something that has been part of your career training. This is where we can help. Of course, we’d be happy to undertake bronze conservation work for you, but there is also the option of using our expertise and bringing in local suppliers. 

We are here to provide advice if you need a guiding hand. Contractors can suggest different approaches to conservation and you may want some support when making complex decisions. As active members of the conservation community, we can help you make good decisions and be confident that the advice and approach is ethical and in line with good conservation practise.

You may need to arrange care for a collection, or predict how a bronze object might change over the long term. We have seen nearly every possible scenario play out over the last fifty years and can help you make sound decisions from real experience. If you are particularly keen to upgrade your skills, you can even join our online training courses. Conservation professionals from all over the world have benefitted from our knowledge by taking our training. 

Our many years of experience and academic training is at your disposal. We LOVE talking about bronze and are keen to share what we know with you.

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Our Bronze Conservation Consultancy Service Is Used By

  • Local Councils: we advise on how to handle their collections as well as running conservation projects for them if they do not have the time or expertise within their teams.
  • Architects: we help with providing a realistic idea of how the materials they choose are likely to change over time and what the best conservation routines are for their features going forward. 
  • Facilities Managers and Building Managers: they seek our help to understand the current condition of their building’s features and what options they have to improve them.
  • Conservation Bodies and Institutions : They use our expertise in dealing with condition assessing and reporting.
  • Main Contractors: Turn to us to help them take on conservation tasks within a larger package of works. 
  • Lawyers: request our assistance with cases as an expert witness.  
  • Custodians of War Memorials: regard us as a great resource in helping them to be more informed and with applying for grants.
  • Fabricators: use our expertise to ensure they are giving their clients the best advice about how their features will age over time. 
  • Galleries: seek our advice on preventive conservation and commission condition reports which support the sales of high-value bronzes. 
  • Civic Societies: need guidance on how to care for the features of relevance in their town or city. 
  • Foundries: use us as a resource when they want to give realistic expectations about finishes their clients have chosen. 
  • Sculptors: often find us useful when they are submitting bids for public commissions. The advice we can provide reassures their patrons and they know ahead of time what costs will be involved with their ongoing maintenance.


We helped the Tate Conservation Team with advice and training on Barbara Hepworth’s Sculptures in St Ives.

Later, it had some VERY special visitors 





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