You can now get LOTS of our fantastic advice about bronze conservation in one easy place with our new book, Bronze Behaving Badly, paperback, hardback or ebook, sold at all good retailers.


This fantastic book is a companion to our online course, of the same name, which gives custodians and managers in charge of bronze memorials, sculpture and architectural features, training in our niche.

Do you need a book on bronze conservation?

Talking about how to care for bronze is a highlight of our work. Bronze is a burden to many of the managers we come across. It may only be a small aspect of a much bigger project that is their responsibility. Yet, it can weigh heavy because bronze can behave badly and few get training in the field of bronze conservation.

A quick Google around provides articles-a-plenty, but many are contradictory, and others, frankly, should come with a warning. THIS COULD RUIN YOUR BRONZE!

As well as bad advice, there are many excellent sources of information about bronze preservation, conservation, corrosion, and technical advice out there in the world. However, few of these sources tie the academic with the practical and that’s what this book aims to do.

The topics we cover in the book are derived from real questions we’ve had from our clients so we are sure the answers will be useful to you too. 

Is This Book For You?

This book for those with little or no training in metal’s conservation. It’s particularly for all those custodians, architects, surveyors and managers who have found themselves responsible for large bronze features and sculptures, but are new to the field. It’s also for conservators who are trained in  other fields but would like to improve their knowledge through continued professional development.

Is It About All Types of Bronze? 

Although much of what we look at is relevant to all bronze objects, this book focuses mainly on bronzes found outdoors – sculptural and architectural. 

If you want to you can change your mind! 

Anyone who buys the book will have the opportunity to change their mind. This book is an accompaniment to our online course, Bronze Behaving Badly. In the course, we teach you all of the topics directly and with lots more images. More importantly, there is a Facebook group and, if you don’t like social media, a private blog for discussions and bonus material, enabling you to have a dedicated place to ask questions.

If you didn’t know about this and it seems more your thing, just email us at, info@antiquebronze.co.uk, with the subject title, Bronze Behaving Badly, and we will send you a 10 per cent discount code for the course, which will cover the cost of this book and buy you a coffee as well.


You Can Buy The Ebook Direct From Us!