The Sculpture Vulture Podcast

Bronze sculpture is such a passion for us at Antique Bronze that we wanted to share that love with everyone.

We are fortunate enough to work with some of the most well-known contemporary sculptors of this era. The first stage of any sculpture conservation project is talking to the artist or their estate about their creations, their process and their influences. The things that make their bronze sculpture unique.

These conversations help us understand the sculptor’s work in a deeper way so that we can plan the best way forward for the bronze’s conservation.  We decided these conversations were too good to keep to ourselves so the idea for the podcast was born. 

There’s never been a better time to enjoy public sculpture. It’s outdoors so visitors can feel safe when they enjoy this incredible art in these Covid-times and, even better, it’s free to visit!

There are some magnificent sculptors out there just waiting to be discovered. Join us every month on, The Sculpture Vulture Podcast, which you can find on iTunes, Spotify and all your favourite podcast apps. Get to know an incredible line-up of contemporary sculptors and


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Who Is Coming Up In SEASON 1?

#0 – Introducing Your Host and What The Podcast Is All About

# BONUS – MADINGLEY MINISODE: Sculptures and Memorials To See in Madingley, Cambridge. 

# BONUS – CAMDEN MINISODE: Three Statues To See in Camden

#1 – Stories in Bronze with HAZEL REEVES – 28th July 2020

#2 – Bronze Sculpture with RODNEY MUNDAY – 18th August 2020

#3 – MIKE SPELLER – 8th September 2020

#4 – HAMISH MACKIE – 29th September 2020

#5 – AMY GOODMAN – 20th October 2020

#6 – HUGH CHAPMAN – 10th November 2020

#7 – PAUL DAY – 1st December 2020

#8 – MARTIN JENNINGS – 22nd December 2020

#9 – LOUISA FORBES – 5th January 2021

#10 – SIMON GUDGEON – 26th January 2021

#11 – JASON DeCLAIRES TAYLOR – 16th February 2021

#12 – PHILIP JACKSON – 9th March 2021